Dear diary,

So who am I? I asked some of my closest friends and family to describe me in a few words as I found this question quite difficult.. amongst many words I was described as, a control freak, stubborn, selfless, wise, supportive, inspirational and “weirdly masculine” yes you heard right weirdly masculine.. don’t really know what to make of that but moving on swiftly!

Where do I start? (From the beginning I guess). Let me start by letting you know that I am by no means an expert at writing! However, I’ve been been on maternity leave with my second son for around 6 weeks and whilst off I’ve been looking for blogs and vlogs that I can sink my teeth into to help me overcome this daunting time that is the transition from one to two kids.. and how to look half decent while trying to conquer such a mission lol so far I’ve failed miserably! Whilst I have found some amazing vlogs and a couple of blogs I thought I would have a go at this blog stuff and share snippets of my crazy life trying to take over the world (with two kids in tow LOL, this should be fun).

So you have an idea of the kind of topics I will delve into on my blog I just want to give you a little “blurb” about my life! I’m a 27 year old city girl and a mother of two, to a crazy 3 year old who is currently going through the “I’m right your wrong stage” and a 6 week old baby boy who has literally arrived and taken over the whole household with what we call the enemy of motherhood COLIC (I’ll save that story for another day). While being a mother of two gorgeous boys I work full time in the Criminal Justice System, maintain a home (well at least try LOL) and have a fiancé who I’ve been engaged to for 7 years (ages I know again that’s a story for another day LOL). I’m a fun loving girl who loves to be pampered, go on girly dinner dates, shop and have a gossip over a glass of baileys, which I feel at times has been the topic of conversation amongst other mothers who feel I should be at home 24/7 baking cakes and never leaving my house unless I am with my children! Firstly, NO! I am a mother first, however I am an individual who deserves and insists on having me time, as should every other mother to prevent insanity haha! (Again I go off track lol). So to save us all some time I would like to list some of the stuff that is close to my heart that I will be blogging about, Motherhood, transition from one to two, how I juggle my career, family and fiancé, relationships, girl talk, stereotypes, fashion and style!

So I suppose you’re probably wondering the type of people I will be able to relate to during my dear diary journey (If anyone LOL). I would say, young mothers although I’m not super young I would consider myself still 18 in spirit! Working mothers, career driven women, mothers to be, those who are starting out in life with families, mortgages, Independecy and financial aspects of life and finally those who love to live and live to love!

I highly encourage comments, suggestions and questions from my readers as it helps me to get to know what you all like to read and whether I am talking complete nonsense ha-ha!

Can’t wait to start my journey with you all.. And connect with likewise women for a chin wag haha!!

With Love From P

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  1. Really enjoyed your first post, I can’t wait for the next, I know already how much I’m going to relate to your lifestyle and views!
    P.s Love the pic inspo

  2. Great first post! It seems you will have plenty to talk about and I can’t wait to follow your blogging journey! Best of luck!

  3. Let’s get this journey going. I would have liked to know the area in which you live to give me a idea of your surroundings if that’s not too personal. Just like for example I live in South Florida.

    1. Thank you for your feedback this really helps me to improve my writing! I am from the UK. where I live is very built up, with very little greenery! I have always wanted to visit Florida, it’s on my bucket list 😍

  4. Good luck starting the blog! It sounds like so much has happened in your life that you can document. Honestly, I’m thinking of starting a family soon as well so any posts about what it’s like to have a new born would be great. But, don’t sugar coat it, I guess. Be honest and real, those are the best blogs to read. <3

  5. Welcome to the blogging world! I hope you will find it as therapeutic as I do- it can be such a lifeline during life with little ones!

  6. Good luck with all of your endeavors. It sounds like your a busy mom. So far so good on the blogging. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  7. Welcome to the blogosphere and yes, good luck on your blogging journey. You must be so excited to share with us your life’s journey…I’d love to know more about how you handle your kids now that I love kids too much since they’re almost always a cute body of innocent souls.

  8. I know how it feels like to go from 1 to 2.

    Me time is very necessary even if 30mins. You need that time to refuel.

  9. So happy to follow along with your journey! I am a mom blogger as well. I consider myself young (in heart at least!)

  10. Congratulations on your new addition! I know it is exciting but it also super hard! Hang in there! This blog is a great way to document your journey

  11. Great start! I relate to the part about not being great at writing. I’ve actually been told my whole life that it was something that I wasn’t good at. It’s weird to be trying to make an income with it now!

  12. It’s great to be introduced to you. I’m looking forward to finding out more about you in your second post.

  13. Your post is both informative & hilarious. I am C section mom, my experience with was very pleasant though. I could actually do it all over given the chance. 😜

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