Inside The Mind Of A Boy Mum/Mom

So I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with the beautiful Mannie Nanni and her gorgeous little boy Adam on my latest post! Ive had so much fun working with her to put this blog post together and I think it’s one that so many boy moms/mums can relate to.

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It’s crazy to think I’m a boy mum of two!! I always imagined myself having a little boy and a mini version of me with perfectly matching nails, going on Shopping dates and girly adventures.. Instead, I am standing at the side of a football pitch freezing my butt off thinking “Is this life”. Haha! That being said I am both my sons biggest cheerleader and they make me so unbelievably proud. Nearly 4 years into being a boy mum I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.. boys are extremely loving! And you cant beat conversations with a 3 year old who wants to celebrate his willies birthday because it “Growed” a bit. 😂😂

However, I will always consider what it would be like to be the mother of the bride, the realisation that I may never get to be a birthing partner to a “daughter” and one day when I am old to do anything who will wipe my butt and tie my hair up for me. But most importantly I hope that in a world where men are expected to be as hard as steel, my boys will always feel they can talk to Mummy about their troubles.

OK , so my kids are 3 and 3 months old! BUT I can’t be the only boy mum that has thought about these things! It’s not quite the same being the mother of the groom! I would’ve loved to have had that rush of emotion when I saw my daughter in a beautiful white dress as she prepared for the biggest day of her life.. instead I will be sat in “anticipation” as my son walks out the fitting room in a suit that looks exactly the same as the the last 5 he tried on but in a different colour.

I wonder if my daughter in laws will want to have me in the birthing suite when they give birth or if I will be that Grandmother sitting outside in the waiting room, listening anxiously for the cries of my precious grand-child. Honestly, I long for a good relationship with my daughter in laws. I hope to be some one they can look up to and confide in. I only hope that they’re not total bitches and my son has good taste in women haha!

I bet I sound so harsh right now! But this is in the mind of a boy mum so I have to be honest!

Finally, as a man I honestly feel that there is so much pressure on them, to be the bread winner, to protect their family and to be a macho man. Although I will raise both of my sons to provide for their family and stand on their own two feet. I really hope that my sons never feel that weight of the world on their shoulders and that they have emotionally strong women to pick them up when they are down. Because the truth is I won’t always be around.

Mannie, since you had your little man 7 months ago.. What are the things that go through your mind as boy mom?

“Do I really wish I had a girl like everyone asks me even though I say no? Who am I raising my son to take care of and love when he becomes an adult? Am I hurting my son’s privates when I hold him on my leg or hip? Is it just me or is the girl’s clothes section WAY bigger than the boy’s section?

Welcome to our male dominated World! Let’s start with the first question we constantly ask ourselves. Do I really wish I had a girl like everyone asks me even though I say no? At least for me, deep down inside, I always knew I was destined to be a boy mom. I am adventurous in spirit and I just always had this feeling that I was being prepared to raise a boy. So when I heard the news that I was having a boy I was naturally thrilled!

Who am I raising my son to take care of and love when he becomes an adult? From the moment I felt him alive and kicking in my stomach, I began thinking about the woman that he may someday be going on this journey of giving birth with. How he would treat her and take care of her. I immediately felt an obligation to show him how to stand by a strong independent woman, and how to support and love her for who she is.

Am I hurting my son’s privates when I hold him on my leg or hip? While I don’t have pediatric confirmation of this, I have convinced myself this is a solid no, and that baby boys are strong dudes. Feel free to enlighten me here, but I hold my son for the most part as if he were a girl in multiple different positions. Although every once in a while my brain sneaks in a questioning thought as to whether he is in pain, but then my little guy gives me a reassuring smile, and my mind is again at peace.

Is it just me or is the girl’s clothing section way bigger than the boys?? You really don’t start to notice this until, you have a to dress a boy. Although every time, I walk in to a store my mind immediately goes into shock mode at the fact that there are 500 super cute girly items while the boys have about 10 pieces which mainly say “cool dude”. And then disappointment sets in, and like a superwoman in the night, my mind immediately rescues me and says, That means more for us girlfriend!” (Mannie Nanni, guest blogger)

Mothers, tell us what goes through your mind as a boy Mum/Mom. We’d love to hear your thoughts.. ❤️