11 signs the honey moon period is over


The honey moon period.. What a wonderful world of flowers, chocolates, cute dinner dates, ironically you agree on everything (number of kids you want, your fave holiday location). You look glowing and happy, your best perfume makes an appearance, Victoria secrets staff members know your name, the world around you disappears.

I thought I’d delve into the world of relationships as you guys probably think I have an imaginary boyfriend, so I thought I’d better incorporate him at some point 😂

The world of the honeymoon periods is a thing of the past for me, 10 years in the past to be precise. But if I’m being honest my honey moon period lasted for the best part of 5 years.. No arguments or disagreements (could partly be do with the fact that we were long distance for 3 of the 10 years 😂). You can read more about our journey in “A no flaws relationship”  

People say they don’t want the infamous “honey period” to end as the cute gestures stop but If I’m honest I was pretty glad when they fizzled out. I didn’t have to pretend to be perfect anymore, i didn’t have to wake up before him to brush my hair and teeth. 

With that being said there’s pros and cons to both and most definitely CLEAR signs the honey moon period is over.. You may be able to relate. 

11 signs the honey moon period is never to return

The lack of toilet etiquette 

He thinks it’s ok to burst into the bathroom while I’m having a pamper session, candles lit, lavender in the bath. He decides it’s the perfect opportunity to sit on the toilet and talk to me about the meaning of life? 

Why don’t you…. anymore 

Now I start my sentences why “babe why don’t you do …… anymore”. It’s normally me asking why he doesn’t buy me flowers anymore? Him: “Because on your birthday in 2010 they died because you didn’t look after them, I’m not buying you anymore” this is true but like i said I’m a new woman now. I have children, I know how to look after things. 

We have our own lives 

We can’t wait to have a break from each other, we have a break from each other and miss each other, we reunite and piss each other off again. Him: “oh so you’re still annoying” 😂😂 Me: “Yupp” 

Holding the door open.. yeh right

Suddenly the doors being opened for you stops and Instead end up merely missing your face (ok this could just apply to my relationship😂). Suddenly he stops pulling the chair out for me at dinner. Me: “It’s ok I’ll get this”. You wait on your side of the car to have the door opened for you like old times but you realise he’s already in the house LMAO. 

I mean I tell him that he deserves and Oscar for his awarding winning performance during the honey moon period, and that it was false advertisement that won him two kids and a fiancée lmao. We laugh and he says “it’s too late now, all signed up”

You become telepathic

Suddenly he knows exactly what I’m thinking without me even saying it. Particularly when I’m pissed off. It normally goes something like this “%@##@#£&£*”

You know how to push each others buttons

This normally consists of him leaving the toilet seat up or putting his dirty socks next to the laundry basket not in. He knows that one really sends me psycho. 

Despite all this I want to address the sweet side chapter after the honey period because this honestly is my favourite. 

You grow in sync 

You become so ridiculously in sync. I know it may sound so cliché but once you overcome the honey moon period, the feeling of being in sync is magical. There’s no room for awkward conversations because you just ”get each other”. So many times me and my partner have called each other at the same time to ask the exact same question. Too many times we have come home with the identical trainers for our little boys. We can finish each others sentences. We do amazing Impressions of each other. 

He knows how you feel by Just one look

He knows the inner layers of me. He senses the emotion in my eyes. And he reacts accordingly. Isn’t it crazy that no matter how hard you try to conceal your emotion your partner just knows when somethings up. 

You accept each other in your most vulnerable form

My partner has seen me stripped of all my layers, he’s seen my ugly cry (and it’s not very nice 😂). A side of me that no-one has ever seen or will ever see. 

When we see social media we see the beauty of relationships, the love. We see the fun, we see the presents with the huge bows. But vulnerability is what makes a  relationship beautiful and unique. Many times I’ve had a difficult day of motherhood or I’ve had a hard day at work and held back the tears. Waited till I’ve got home to my other half and just poured my heart out. 

Silence is golden 

When you’re comfortable being in each others surroundings without a word spoken. There are no awkward silences, no desire to exchange words. And no verbal affirmations are required. 

The look

The look you give each other in a room full of people but only you two notice. There’s nothing that makes me feel more attractive than noticing him stare over at me and admire from a distance. And that’s after 10 years. 

I would love to know how long you’ve been with your partner and what makes your bond special?

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