Surviving the first 3 months of motherhood

As I sit here 8 weeks post baby, I have a range of emotions going round in my head! It’s only now, I’ve had the chance to actually reflect on life with two. I’ve been so busy adjusting to life particularly with a baby who is high maintenance due to his colic and acid reflux!

I have felt happy, emotional, impatient, agitated, bursting with pride, tired and overwhelmed with responsibility! I’m not ashamed to say that their were times that I felt all this responsibility of caring for and nurturing little people was beyond my capability!

The period after having my little man was both physically and emotional draining. My body went through so many changes, it almost felt as though it was no longer mine, Particularly as I was breastfeeding. While learning how to manage all these adjustments to my own body, I was also having to meet the needs of my new little human. (And a 3 year old in tow😂) . *Tired just thinking about it LOL*

I had all these ideas and plans for when I had baby, (play dates, girly trips, coffee dates, the gym) in reality this hasn’t happened yet as I am still adjusting to life with two. I had so many expectations of how life would be but in reality things can be so different. I think I based a lot of my experiences off my first born who was an amazing baby, HOWEVER! This one……. he is the cutest, most beautiful crying, winging and moaning little monster.

It’s so important that mothers WORLDWIDE know that the feeling of being overwhelmed is so normal! While we worry about all the things we may not be doing, our beautiful bundles of joys love us dearly and don’t even bat an eyelid at the things we worry about! That being said I would love to share 8 important tips that I hope will help you survive the first three months after baby.

Please accept help

There will be so many people around you once you’ve had baby who want to help and be there for you through this transition! Use this time to get your bearings and get as much rest as you can. Honestly, I am so Pig-headed and HATE admitting that I need help. However this experience really taught me that “it takes a village to raise a child”

It’s ok to cry

Although 90% of time we wear our pants over our tights as they say it’s ok to show emotion! I’ve cried about the things that haven’t even happened yet, like him growing up, going to school, being a good mother, giving him the world (it sounds ridiculous, I know) but I always feel better after I’ve had a little cry.

Don’t neglect yourself

Motherhood can be emotionally and physically draining. This is one I’ve only learnt the last couple of days. “Looking after yourself is looking after your children” Please take time out for yourself recharge your battery! What I found was that It was GO GO GO for days on end and when I actually ‘relaxed’ I realised how drained I was! You don’t want to get to a point where you have nothing left to give so please take a break!

Treat yourself

We spend so much money and time on these little humans that we can often neglect ourselves! This could be something as simple as having a hot bath with candles, going to get a manicure and pedicure, or treating yourself to a new top! YOU DESERVE IT!

Communicate with your partner

This is so important, I often feel that fathers get overlooked during this process and they can sometimes feel like a spare part! Don’t forget that he to will be experiencing a range of emotions! Talk and support each other through the process.. Having a baby can test the strongest of relationship if there is a lack of communication.

Cherish every moment

I spent so much time stressing about my newborns colic whether he was getting enough milk, and then of course his issues with feeding and acid Reflux that I didn’t even get to enjoy the time as much as I would have liked to. It’s only now that he is 8 weeks I am grasping his personality, his needs, his likes and dislikes. So please take a deep breath and enjoy.

Get organised

So, I found that writing a to-do list and preparing things from the night before was so much easier (clothes, bottles and the baby bag). The first couple of weeks were a total mess as I was sorting my little ones bag and and clothes out in the morning when I was scheduled to take my first born to nursery. It just makes the entire house hold stress free as everyone knows what they’re doing and we actually have a schedule.

Your baby, is your baby

No matter how many books you read, they will not give you the answer you need about your own baby. A mothers instinct is extremely strong, so always follow your gut feeling! People will often tell you what YOUR baby needs or what’s wrong with YOUR baby, you’ll learn to ignore the critiques because I’m not sure they ever disappear, you just get used to them LOL.

And finally….