Oh My Gold LDN: Review

Anyone who knows me knows I love shiny, sparkly, glitzy and statement items! I think it’s just built within me! So when I discovered Oh My Gold LDN.. it was like looking in the mirror! Literally LOL.. 

Oh my god LDN


If you don’t know about them you NEED TO KNOW. Oh my Gold LDN is a one man band by the name of Jade who creates innovative and stunning prints “for you and your loved ones “. And when I say innovative, her prints aren’t anything I’ve seen before. 

As previously mentioned, I love nothing more than supporting the dreams of small businesses and recognising the hard work, love and effort dedicated to each personalised item. Jade even admitted to doing a little happy dance when she sent out my final piece.. The proof is in the pudding! “When you buy from small businesses you’re supporting a dream”


Oh My Gold  Collection Includes: 

  • Affirmation prints 
  • Art prints 
  • Customised foil prints
  • Text prints 

I was lucky enough to receive two stunning foil prints from Oh My Gold LDN. And it came at the perfect time as I’m currently reinventing my house (This makes it about the 5th time this year haha).

The Process

The website Is extremely easy to navigate. Although I visited the site with a vision of what I wanted, I was extremely spoilt for choice with all the different collections and variations available to choose from. All of which were designed “with you in mind”. 

My Foiled prints 

Oh my god LDN


The foiled prints are available in A4 and A5 sizes and available in champagne, Gold, Rose Gold, Black, holographic, purple, turquoise and grey. (And breath). Such a brilliant array to choose from. I chose A4 and gold. Between the time of ordering to the point of receiving it took no longer then 4 days, I was so pleasantly surprised, considering this is a personalised piece.

Overall Oh My Gold LDN exceeded my expectations. From the smooth order process, to the amazing customer service, the speedy delivery and quality of packaging and goods on arrival! Oh My Gold  LDN I CANNOT fault you.



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*DISCLAIMER: I was gifted free prints in exchange for an honest review! All thoughts are my own. I am always open and honest when reviewing items with my readers. If you have any further questions please contact me*


Mrs Mactivity, We Love You – Review

Firstly Mrs Mactivity, where have you been all our lives?

So I’ve definitely been having a mooch at the Mrs Mactivity instagram and website for the last month. There is something about the presentation that compels me to keep going back to have a look. So when we were offered a free subscription to try out and review we did a little happy dance. And I must say it’s come at the perfect time as HALLOWEEEEN is fast approaching. 

Who are you Mrs Mactivity?

Mrs Mactivity creates innovative and creative learning resources suitable for both parents and teachers. “made by teachers, tested by kids”. They pride themselves on specialising in truly unique resources that you won’t find anywhere else on the web. 

I absolutely love their mission statement “Our aim is to change the world through inspiring and fun learning resources that really motivate children to learn”.


Mrs Mactvity


What attracted me to Mrs Mactivity 

My initial reason is that I have a rather crafty 4 year old who prides himself on completing around 56,677888 colouring and numeracy sheets per day and I literally get to the point where I’m sick to death of trawling through the net to find resources that encourage learning through play, which work in accordance with the EYFS. So when I discovered  Mrs Mactivity, it was like all my prayers were answered. The light at the end of the tunnel. My knight in shining armour, like literally. 

Secondly, I deliver therapeutic interventions to children age 10-18, in my role as a Childrens Services Practitioner. A lot of my practice involves craft activities Including colour and drawing, which aids in the relaxation and engagement during sessions. The resources cater for SEN which is wonderful. So, again this is an absolute time saver. Everything I needed within the click of a button. 

The content is of excellent quality AND they are regularly updated according to the time of year, for example Halloween. Whatever you need, Mrs Mactivity has it covered.  


So my 4 year old and I tried our hand at all the Halloween crafty bits. The first impressions when my little man saw it was ecstatic, like an excited kid on Christmas morning. The range of activities available include: 

  • Halloween friendship bracelets 
  • Halloween paper chains
  • Halloween colouring pages with word trace 
  • Halloween cone paper craft resource pack 
  • Skull cone paper toy 
  • Bat paper cone toy 
  • Pumpkin paper craft activity 
  • Halloween number bonds 
  • Halloween spooky paper plate craft 
  • Halloween bunting 

Mrs Mactivity Basically we are set for Halloween. I’m throwing a small halloween party for my 4 year old and was worried about how on earth I was going to keep the kids occupied. I’ve now found the perfect to way entertain the kids and not only that I’m going to put together a little learning pack for them to take home.

Mrs Mactivity

Other available resources 

The resources accommodate everything from Numeracy to literacy and phonics. I’m still trying to get my head around how Mrs Mactivity are consistently adding fresh and educational content, which is age appropriate, fun and enticing for its mini readers. However, I’m definitely not complaining. Mrs Mactivity’s ability to move with the times is phenomenal. 

Aside from the Halloween resources, we have been working heavily with the maths section working with the recognition of numbers. We used the number cards available on the Mrs Mactivity website and what’s clever is that you can either print them off or work online. I love having the flexibility. 

Navigation of the website. 

Mrs Mactivity is extremely user friend, so much so that my 4 year old was able to navigate around it with my assistance. There are countless activities available and once selected their is the option to “download now” and print in both colour and black and white. What’s great is the diagram which shows you how the finished product should look, which made it easier for my son to complete. 

Final words

I handed it over to my son to give the last word seen as he is the one who will be using this resource the most. “Mummy I love this, colouring and numbers everyday of the year”. You heard it from the man  himself.

Membership costs

If you are a teacher, parent, cater, foster carer looking for resources approved by professionasl which actively engage children and encourage learning through play. Then Mrs Mactivity is most cenrtainly for you. No more faffing ariund on the net searching for age appropriate resources it’s all under one “roof”.

So, what is the cost of this service you ask? You’ll be pleased to know that proportion of the resources are entirely FREE. Us mum’s love a freebie. However, if you want 24/7 access for 12 months, no download limit, and access to new resources each week then you can subscribe for £9.97. If you divide it by 12 its literally nothing for a years worry of innovative resources.

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Disclaimer: We were gifted a 12 month subscription for Mrs Mactivity in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own. I pride myself on providing honest material for my readers. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Thrive: Feel Stress Free Review – NHS Accredited

Thrive Feel Stress Free

So If you’ve followed me on Instagram, you may have recently seen a post, where I disclosed that I previously suffered with work related anxiety which lead to a short spout of counselling. Since the tender age of 18 years old, I have worked within the Criminal Justice System working with vulnerable children and adults.

The truth is I put my heart and soul into my job and go above and beyond for the people I work with. So when I’m faced with a situation that is out of my control I have previously allowed it to affect me. Having being in the industry for 10 years, I’m now able to manage my emotions effectively. However at a time when work related anxiety was at the forefront of my world. I would have absolutely loved an app which enabled me to become mindful and manage my stress and anxiety. 

I’ve been given the opportunity to review, the “Thrive Feel Stress Free” app (available on Android and IOS) YESS please lovely. 

Thrive: Feel Stress Free

So Thrive Feel Stress Free App is an evidence-based application to support the prevention, screening and self-management of stress, anxiety and other mental health conditions.

“Evidence is at the heart of everything that we do.” (Thrive website)

I’m a big fan of implementing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in my practice as a Youth Justice Practitioner. so I was pleased when the research conducted for this app concluded that “CBT techniques were beneficial and participants had shown significant improvements in the severity of their symptoms.”

Enter thrive

Once you enter the application you are taken to a desert island accompanied by therapeutic music which I must admit allowed me to forget the events that were happening around me (I.e my little man complaining that his baby brother stole his sock). Immediately began to feel relaxed. The desert island has little sub islands which allows you to visit techniques and activities. 

There is the option of having a calm voice to support your navigation through the app however this can be muted if you so choose.

Thrive: Feel stress free review

Mood meter 

I love that this element allows you to track your “distance travelled”. Each time you visit the app, it assesses your mood and stores this information over time. Dependent on the answers you provide the app, it will question your feelings and thoughts in order to provide you with the appropriate support, goals to complete both in the app and within your everyday routine.

This actually allowed me to put my thoughts and feelings into perspective, as at times it’s so easy to try and dismiss feelings of stress and anxiety particularly when we are going about our everyday lives. 

Thrive: feel stress free review

Desert island activities 

I was excited to try the relaxation exercises as I must admit this was a whole new world to me. Venturing into mindfulness was something I’d be longing to explore. Before commencing each exercise, the app gives you a short overview of outcomes and benefits. 

The desert island has four techniques:


The application takes you through a range of breathing excersises designed to relax the state of mind, I love that these exercises are short and can be implemented outside of the app. I’m very new to breathing excersises so I enjoyed exploring them. 

Thrive: Feel stress free review


The mediation Island has 10 various exercises designed to help in different scenarios. The app guides you through the meditation process step by step. I found it pleasantly therapeutic, however I feel that over time I will most definitely reap the benefits of this particular exercise. The beauty of this element is that you can choose the amount of time you wish to meditate. As a beginner I started with 5 minutes.

Thrive: feel stress free review

Deep muscle relaxation

I knew very little about the benefits of deep muscle relaxation prior to using this app and my oh my has it helped signicantly in releasing tension within my body to eliminate stress. The idea of this techqiue is to inhale, contracting muscles from the lower part of your body up. Which is proven to reduce some symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. I love that this technique can be utlised in any environment or scenario.

Thrive: Feel stress free

Self Suggestion

I think this was one of my favourite exercises. The app encourages its users to think of a word or phrase which they associate with relaxation. This is designed to help you keep calm when faced with a stressful scenario.

Thrive: Feel stress free review


I absolutely love Thrives ability to show you the progress achieved since commencing your journey. This allows you to assess how the app is working for you. 

Message in a bottle

This component of the app is absolute genius. Each time you enter the app, there will be a message in a bottle delivered to your island. Each message has motivational mantras and advice to carry you through your day. Honestly I loved gettting my message in a bottle. It felt like getting ‘happy mail’. 

There is the option to send words of wisdom to other users which of course I took full advantage of. Anything to do with peer empowerment, I want to get involved so this was absolutely perfect for me.

Final thoughts

What I love the most about Thrive Is that brings therapy right to the comfort of your home. Having the ability to practice evidence based techniques within your own space makes it all the more beneficial. Not only that this handy little app is able to store all your Information, enabling you to refer back to it over time. Thrive is developed to slot into users busy schedules, simplifying it’s use. I would definitely  recommend this to those who have busy schedules and suffer from stress, anxiety or depression. However you do need to be constant with usage to enable the app to get to know you.


User Friendly 

Bright and welcome colours 

The use of CBT

Tranquil feel throughout the app

Tracks your profession over time 

It can be tailored to the individuals needs


Subscription costs

Thrive: Feel stress free review

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*DISCLOSURE: We were given the opportuniy to test out the Thrive: Stress Free App in an exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. If you have any further questions, please do not hestitate to contact me*


Tesco Personalised Gift Review

Do you need a quick and easy way to relive the precious summer moments that went by to quickly? 

Are you like me and have full storage on your phone due to taking way too many photos of your children and life?

Or, are you looking for a super cute personalised gift for a special occasion?

If yes to any of these I want to recommend Tesco Photo. 

For sometime now I’ve been thinking of creating a blogging area in my house with a vision and Inspo board to keep me motivated when writers block strikes. So I was definitely pleased when Tesco Photo presented the opportunity to review their same day collection service. 

If you’re anything like me, once you get an idea in your mind, you get impatient and want it done NOW NOW NOW. So the fact that I was able to collect my personalised items on the same day was music to my ears. 

What is Tesco Photo same day collection 

Tesco Photo same day collection service allows customers to create personalised gifts online by the click of a button. Photos can be uploaded straight from your device to the Tesco Photo website. Providing customers order by 12 noon, their personalised gifts will be available to collect by 3 pm. 

An email is sent straight to customers Inbox once items are ready for collection. 

What are you able to order from the same day collection range 

Tesco Photo offer an expanding range of gifts suitable for all occasions.  Personal gifts include: 

  • Coasters 
  • Canvases 
  • Photo blocks 
  • Poster prints
  • Personalised mugs 
  • Photo prints
  • Mouse mats 
  • Placemats 
  • Print & Frame

The online process  

So, the website was easy to access TescoPhoto.com. Once you clicked onto personalised gifts it clearly states which items are available for “same day” service in bright yellow on the top right of the item. As there are so many personalised gifts to choose from I found this feature extremely useful for those under time constraint. 

I ordered my personalised gifts at 7 am. So I was pleasantly surprised when I got an email at 10 am stating that they were ready for collection. 10/10 for customer service and efficiency. I actually asked for the shop assistants name to give feedback. 

My order 

Single image wrap mug

I was worried about how the personalised mug would turn out as the picture I submitted was a little blurry, however the quality was excellent. The ceramic mug comes In a variation of 4 different colours. The mug has a beautiful gloss finish, and having used it several times prior to the review I can confirm that the material is resistant for you tea and coffee lovers. 

Price: £10

Dimensions: 94mm x 80mm


2 Black photo blocks 

I love this photo block, as it’s a very stylish alternative to photo frames, giving you the option of free standing or placing on a wall. There is a choice of both black and white and a choice of three sizes. Picture quality is amazing and offers a high gloss finish. I most definitely prefer this to picture frames as the presentation is neat and effortless. It also eliminates the hassle of fiddly frames. 

Dimensions:  6” x 4” and 10” x 8” 

Price:  £7 and £20

Personalised photo coaster 

I love the idea of the personalised coaster, and what I love more is seeing my boys tiny hands when I look down to drink my tea. And the price… what a bargain! It’s a gorgeous gift idea for only £5. With the option of using any picture you wish to add that personal touch. For value for money I would really recommend this product. 

Price: £5 

Dimensions: 99mm x 99mm

Final note: From the point of ordering to the point of collection I was extremely impressed by the level of service and efficiency provided. Not only that, the quality of each item is brilliant. One thing I like is that although personalised items can be ordered and collected within a short time frame, the quality of the items aren’t compromised.


Thank you so much Tesco Photo for my items.


*DISCLAIMER: I was gifted with “Tesco’s personalised gifts” in exchange for an honest review. I can confirm that all of the opinions are my own and I will always remain honest to my readers.*

Mastering Motherhood Journal Review

Day 1: Your hair was beautifully black and silky, you loved feed time but you struggled to latch on. Breastfeeding was difficult. Mummy was in pain due to her c-section procedure.

Day 2: We left the hospital and your big brother was so happy to have you home, he thought you was a doll.. His doll! And he absolutely adored you. “best big bro” he used to say. 

Day 3: You were admitted to hospital as you lost over 14% of your body weight and the doctors were extremely concerned. Mummy was sad, mummy felt disappointment , mummy felt like a failure. 

Between day 3 and month 6, my journey is a bit of a blur. What’s sad is that I don’t remember the fine detail like my temperament, my emotions and my c-section recovery over the last 6 months. 

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. When I look back I realise that a crucial part of my motherhood journey that was completely absent was my ability to reflect and recite my thoughts, feelings and emotions. Any one who has ever had a child will know that the first few months your brain is like mush and can be difficult to recall specific elements. Particularly if you have suffered with post natal depression, loss of identity or baby blues. 

When you’re busy raising children, time flies and sadly some memories slip away. Imagine if you had a resource, which fitted in your handbag that allowed you to actively reflect on the early stages of motherhood on a daily basis. Identify your emotional well being, ability to cope and highlight the positives. 

Well, my lovelies .. Mastering Motherhood does just that. 

I honestly wish I would have had this Journal from the very first day, that being said it’s an absolute pleasure to be gifted with a resource which I firmly believe is going to improve my ability to parent, my emotional well being and my gratitude towards motherhood. 

The face behind Mastering Motherhood  

The author of this book is the mother of an IVF baby. She speaks of the moment she learnt that she was unable to have a child, which spiralled into anxiety and depression.  Her experience lead her to delve into the world of ‘self help’. Cathlyn implements self help strategies within her everyday life. She is now the mother of a beautiful little girl. What a fairytale ending. 

“For me, the transition to motherhood was amazing, but wow it was so tough!Some days I felt I had it nailed. On others I felt such a failure. Days can feel so long when you have had no sleep and it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. I’m a self help junkie and trained life coach. The techniques I’d learnt helped me so much. So here they are. In a book. That I really hope can help others“ (Author) 

The journal 

The mastering motherhood journal combines an assortment of coaching and personal growth techniques. What’s unique about this Journal is it’s ability to help you stay present in mind. However, the beauty of this resource is that its solely based in the context of motherhood. The book supports personal growth and recognition of your thoughts and feelings as you progress through motherhood.

First impressions 

When I opened the packaging I instantly fell in love with colour of the journal. Why? Because it’s extremely welcoming and refreshing. I tend to complete my journal in bed when I wake up and I can honestly say, seeing this colour first thing in the morning promotes optimism. 

On the first page of the book there is a bright yellow love gear which reads “Hello Lovely Mummy” I smiled when a saw this. It added a warmth and personal touch to the journal.


Daily pages: Each of the daily pages has 4 segments. One page to be completed in the morning and one for the evening  only. 

Some days as mothers we are absolutely knackered and getting out of bed can be a chore within itself especially when sleep deprivation strikes. What I love about this Journal was its ability to make me think about all the positive perks that motherhood provides. Without this resource there is no way I would have recorded my positive intentions and thoughts for the day.

My favourite question was “what being a great mother means to me”. On that very morning I woke up feeling a bit deflated. However after reading this I began to ponder the question. Being a great mother wasn’t lying in bed feeling rubbish, or dreading my day ahead. Being a great mother was getting up and interacting with my baby boy, showering him with love and encouraging him to meet his milestones. It’s crazy because that very moment I sprung into action. THANK YOU “Mastering Motherhood” because the theory works. It was that little bit of encouragement I needed. 

The words I’d give to another mother 

The “words I’d give to another mother” section really resonates with me. For those of you who know me and follow my blog know that I’m passionate about empowerment. Empowering others is my method of therapy. So I absolutely love this section. And the old saying “follow your own advice” definitely applied here for myself. This is a beautiful element of the Journal. 

In the evening the pages allow you to actively reflect on your day. Pinpoint specific challenges, achievements and memorable moments. It’s been so priceless to look back through pages to assess distance traveled in terms of emotional well being and coping mechanisms. It’s also been beautiful fo record my babies milestones. 

Weekly time line: This is literally like a diary and an organiser. There is a space on the Journal so at the beginning of each day you can record your child’s activity which helps you to identify patterns in their behaviour, particularly if your baby is newborn. 

However I used this timeline to record doctors appointments, reminders to take my medication, and to record patterns reading my sons acid reflux condition. Honestly it’s so handy as I can just refer back to as when required. 

Weekly check In: On the last day of each week there is a double page questionnaire which allows you to reflect on different areas of your life including finance, relationships and health. Looking at my answers written down really highlighted the positives within my life. At times when my emotional well being takes a turn for the worse, I have many protective factors which encourage me to keep going. 

“My power statement” acts as a personal mantra to promote a positive mindset for the week ahead. I’m a huge fan of affirmations so I loved this section. 


Final thoughts 

Mother to mother I can honestly say that this Journal has improved my ability to reflect on my thoughts, feelings and emotions. Before having the journal I will admit that I would rarely give myself  motivational talks and mantras for the day ahead, which would often leave me with a lack of direction. It’s crazy that a resource can reprogramme your brain to become more optimistic. I feel that as mothers we should all have a journal in which we can document all the difficult, happy and  beautiful moments that motherhood presents.

A special thank you to the author for the production of such an empowering resource.



  • I love the colour of the journal, its refreshing and very inviting. 
  • It literally does take 5 minutes which is great as we all know motherhood is a full time job. 
  • Cathlyn, the Author creates a very welcoming and down to earth theme throughout the journal.
  • This resource most definitely captures the beauty of motherhood.
  • The journal acts as a prompt so you can adjust this to your own style.
  • The journal implements self help and personal growth techniques. 
  • It definitely promotes self reflection and positive mindset.
  • I love “the words I’d give to another mother section”. This really promotes Mummy empowerment. 
  • The “weekly check in” pages are amazing to summarise the weeks events.
  • Ideal as a gift for a new mummy. 


  • I would have loved for the journal to have been hard back. 

Please follow the Mastering Motherhood Facebook group dedicated to Motherhood and mindset. Mastering Motherhood Facebook Page