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Kids I’m so excited to share the Bickiepegs giveaway with you all.

My regulars who follow me on instagram will know that my 7 month old is experiencing the mother of all evil in the baby world, the sleep stealer, yes I’m talking about teething.. *Cue the violins*

I had been searching high and low for a guardian angel in the form of a remedy to help soothe my little one as I was on the verge of insanity. When my other half introduced me to Bickiepegs (I have no idea how he knew about this creation and I didn’t) but THANK YOU. Because these have worked an absolute treat. 

Who are Bickiepegs?

Bickiepegs Healthcare “Is an expert in the oral care of infants aged 3 months to 2+ years and is the home of the brands Bickiepegs Teething Biscuits”. Founded in 1925 to support the development of babies teeth through the use of exercising the jaw and aiding in the relief of teething pains. 

Bickiepegs Giveaway

My experience

I was lucky enough to have been gifted Bickiepegs biscuits and Bickiepegs finger toothbrush and gum massager which I hadn’t used before. 

I already knew that the biscuits were amazing, however the gum massager was an absolute life saver!  Not only because the sensation of the gum massager against his gums soothed his ongoing teething pains. BUT because it doubled up as a toothbrush which is amazing as he is now weaning! I’m yet to find a dual purpose product that you can pop on finger and use with such ease! 

The Biscuits

The 100% natural biscuits “are specifically baked for hardness”. These biscuits are rock hard which was amazing for my 7 month old as he was able to bite them which in turn helped him cut his first tooth! Bickiepegs are now up there with the top 5 items I do not leave the house without. 

Bickiepegs Giveaway


I’ve paired up with the amazing Bickiepegs to give one lucky winner the chance to win:  

1 Bickiepegs biscuits

1 Cath Kidston bib 

1 Bickiepegs Finger Tooth Brush & Gum massager

Bickiepegs Giveaway



All you need to do is head over to my instagram for full details of the giveaway and to enter.

Competition will run for 5 days (End date: 19.11.2018)

UK entrants only

Winner will be selected at random

Tag as many friends in the comments (1 tag per comment. Each tag is an entry)



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