Cosy Angel Review And Giveaway

I am an advocate for supporting small businesses, as not only are you purchasing a product but you’re supporting a dream. I have always respected and acknowledged small business owners for going after their dreams despite the risks and challenges that accompany it.

So, when I got the opportunity to collaborate with Cosy Angel and review some of their items, I was more than happy to jump on board and and spread the word.

So, who are COSY ANGEL?

“Cosy Angel is a UK based family owned business with an objective to create products that assist in reinforcing children’s safety, learning and development. Every Cosy Angel product is visualised designed and developed with upmost care and attention to detail”

What I love about the founder of Cosy Angel is that she is a mother, an entrepreneur, a wife, a designer and a creator . I love that the website provides information regarding the founder which adds a personal touch and a story behind the brand. Not only that, the website oozes warmth and care for children.

So what was included in the our Cosy Angel Delivery:

1 Cosy Angel Super Tooth board game

2 Cosy Angel soft touch silicone bibs

Super Tooth board game

Super Tooth board game is one of the early learning toys for toddlers which focuses on learning through play. The game teaches children shape recognition, oral hygiene and a healthy and balanced diet.

We love a family board game within our household, however In saying that my 3 year old can never stick around long enough to complete a board game. So when I received the game I was sceptical that he may not receive the full benefits of this educational resource. However I can say that this game was able to engage him and encourage open ended questioning about healthy eating and oral hygiene. His exact words “Mummy this board game has the most ‘tastiest’ food ever”. (I think he liked it)

What’s included:

1. 4 mouth board

2. 4 food lists

3. 32 food cards

So, the game can be played with up to 4 players. Each player has a board and a food list. All 32 food cards should be placed down in the middle of players. The main aim of the game is to take it in turns to pick a food card to see if it matches your food list. If the food card doesn’t match your list then it goes back in the middle. Who ever completes their food board first is the winner.

What I found clever was that the unhealthy foods which are bad for children’s teeth had a black crack across the tooth on the mouth board, while the healthy foods had a sparkling white star. This is something my son identified almost immediately which was great for the identification of healthy foods.

This game has a variety of learning outcomes wrapped up into one game which is fun and interactive for children aged 3-7. Learning through play is so important for a child’s development and I really feel that this game in particular has improved my sons ability to:

1. Identify shapes

2. Improve memory skills

3. The importance of dental hygiene

4. To understand healthy eating

5. Identify food groups.

After playing the game I asked my son to rank his favourite food from 1-10. And we had a discussion about why we need to cut down on our consumption of unhealthy foods. His response was “Mummy I don’t want my teeth to fall out”

Since receiving this game in the post, my 3-year old has played this every day. He would rather play the Super Tooth Board game than play with his IPad which speaks volumes. As a parent, sometimes it can be difficult to implement a fun way of discussing healthy eating and oral hygiene which is why this game is great.

The Super Tooth Board Game has multiple benefits. Not only is it a fun way of gathering the family together, it is also a great self care resource for children.

As this game requires multiple players, it promotes personal skills, social interaction and communication skills.

Additionally, this game works in accordance with the ‘Every Child Matter’ Framework which states that every child should be supported to be healthy. The main aim for children ‘being healthy’ includes children being physically, mentally and emotionally healthy, having healthy choices, and leading healthy lifestyles.

Cosy Angel soft touch silicone bibs

Baby bibs! Every Mother, Father and carer has used or is currently using a baby bib to protect their babies clothes from dirt and food aswell as to protect the dribbles of a teething baby. So how do we determine which bibs are right for our babies, given that it’s so important that we pick one which promotes comfort?

One thing I’ve noticed when looking for bibs is that they’re either made of cotton material which can make it difficult to prevent over spill of messy dinner times with little one. Or if they are plastic then they’re a hard material and tend to be quite uncomfortable around my baby’s neck. So when Cosy Angel sent me two of their soft touch silicone bibs I was over the moon.

The Cosy Angel bib is:

– 100% grade silicone

– Hear safe

– BPA sage

– PVC safe


1. The bibs came in two bright colours which instantly caught the attention of my little man.

2. They’re stain resistant and waterproof, they were so easy to wipe down.

3. The material of the bibs are super soft which means guaranteed comfort your for child.

4. They’re adjustable according to the babies size so the bib can grow with them.

5. It has a large sturdy pocket which easily catches food.

6. The flexible material means you can roll them up, making them compact to travel with.

8. They’re stain resistant.

If you’d like a chance to win your own Cosy Angel goodies, please enter my giveaway by visiting the Cosy Angel website here. Giveaway is open to UK and US entrants. Prizes will be sent direct from Cosy Angel.


  1. July 3, 2018 / 12:27 pm

    This is such a cute giveaway. I know my 2 year old would love the bath toys and the teeth game. I love that you are supporting small businesses. That’s pretty awesome.

    • July 3, 2018 / 2:33 pm

      Most definitely enter! Even if all of the items aren’t age appropriate she can grow into the tooth game as it’s brilliant. Thank you for reading ❤️

  2. July 3, 2018 / 3:37 pm

    Fun!!!! Just entered! I can’t believe the game pulled him away from the iPad!! Sounds awesome! Thanks for this awesome review 🙂 and way to support small businesses! Why are you so awesome!!??

    • July 6, 2018 / 9:48 am

      Yaaay glad you’ve entered. Yes he really loves the game! Aww you’re so sweet. You’re pretty awesome yourself ❤️

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