Before having my C-section , I will admit that I was a believer of the old anecdote that women who had C-sections were to posh to push, which often made c-section mothers feel inadequate in comparison to the mothers who gave birth naturally. The stigma attached to having C-sections is so prevalent that when I … Continue reading

So let me start by telling you that this was my second C-section! My first birth, I was totally oblivious to the process that is labour and delivery! I wrote a beautiful birth plan which consisted of a water birth, for the entire experience to be captured on camera as I figured it would be … Continue reading

So, as some of you may know I am 2 months post baby and as mentioned in my last blog, I've really struggled with the concept of "Me time" and accepting help from others. So much so that my friends started to worry about me. They have witnessed how much hard work my new born … Continue reading

As I sit here 8 weeks post baby, I have a range of emotions going round in my head! It’s only now, I’ve had the chance to actually reflect on life with two. I’ve been so busy adjusting to life particularly with a baby who is high maintenance due to his colic and acid reflux! … Continue reading

So in “A no flaws relationship” I spoke about my relationship journey up until this point! I have been with my other half for 8 years now! I was extremely apprehensive about entertaining a new relationship due to my previous experience but as previously explained I learnt alot of lessons for which I knew would … Continue reading

So I was scheduled to write Part 2 of my relationship blog post however, I have been side tracked by a mummy nightmare to say the least! For the purpose of the blog I'm going to name it "THE SHOPPING TRIP FROM HELL" Just when I thought I had my S@#T together with this motherhood … Continue reading

"A no flaws relationship"? Yeh right.. You know those people who claim that their relationship is perfect and they have never had a argument! The truth is no relationship is perfect so don’t be reeled in by those who draw you into a false sense of security! I will be the first to say that … Continue reading